David Steen

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 James Russo Django Unchained
2012 Russ Tamblyn Django Unchained
2012 Michael Parks Django Unchained
2012 Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained
2012 Tom Savini Django Unchained
2012 Don Johnson Django Unchained
2012 Bruce Dern Django Unchained
2012 Robert Carradine Django Unchained
2012 Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained
2012 Samuel L. Jackson Django Unchained
2012 Jamie Foxx Django Unchained
1994 Mark Ruffalo A Gift from Heaven
1993 Stephen Collins Disappearance of Nora
1993 Dennis Farina Disappearance of Nora
1992 John Malkovich Of Mice and Men
1992 Noble Willingham Of Mice and Men
1992 Ray Walston Of Mice and Men
1992 Casey Siemaszko Of Mice and Men
1992 Gary Sinise Of Mice and Men
1992 Joe Morton Of Mice and Men
1992 Sherilyn Fenn Of Mice and Men
1992 Quentin Tarantino Reservoir Dogs
1992 Chris Penn Reservoir Dogs
1992 Tim Roth Reservoir Dogs
1992 Steve Buscemi Reservoir Dogs
1992 Michael Madsen Reservoir Dogs
1992 Harvey Keitel Reservoir Dogs
1992 Lawrence Tierney Reservoir Dogs
1992 Steven Wright Reservoir Dogs
1992 Lawrence Bender Reservoir Dogs
1992 David Duchovny Ruby
1992 Richard Sarafian Ruby
1992 Marc Lawrence Ruby
1992 Arliss Howard Ruby
1992 Sherilyn Fenn Ruby
1992 Danny Aiello Ruby
1991 John Larroquette One Special Victory
1991 Kathy Baker One Special Victory
1991 Angela Bassett One Special Victory
1991 Ray Walston One Special Victory
1991 Beah Richards One Special Victory
1991 Joe Pantoliano One Special Victory
1991 Phil Hartman One Special Victory
1986 Wilford Brimley American Justice
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