David Harbour

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Johnny Depp Untitled Whitey Bulger Biopic
2014 Bill Pullman The Equalizer
2014 Denzel Washington The Equalizer
2014 Melissa Leo The Equalizer
2014 Liam Neeson A Walk Among the Tombstones
2013 Marcia Gay Harden Parkland
2013 Paul Giamatti Parkland
2013 Billy Bob Thornton Parkland
2013 Benjamin Bratt Snitch
2013 Barry Pepper Snitch
2013 Susan Sarandon Snitch
2013 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Snitch
2012 Julia Stiles Between Us
2012 Taye Diggs Between Us
2012 Jake Gyllenhaal End of Watch
2012 Richard Schiff Knife Fight
2012 Rob Lowe Knife Fight
2012 Carrie-Anne Moss Knife Fight
2011 Edward James Olmos The Green Hornet
2011 Cameron Diaz The Green Hornet
2011 Tom Wilkinson The Green Hornet
2011 James Fox W.E.
2010 Alan Arkin Thin Ice
2010 Bob Balaban Thin Ice
2010 Lea Thompson Thin Ice
2010 Billy Crudup Thin Ice
2010 Greg Kinnear Thin Ice
2009 Brian Dennehy Every Day
2009 Helen Hunt Every Day
2009 Carla Gugino Every Day
2009 Liev Schreiber Every Day
2009 Eddie Izzard Every Day
2009 Russell Crowe State of Play
2009 Jeff Daniels State of Play
2009 Viola Davis State of Play
2009 Helen Mirren State of Play
2009 Ben Affleck State of Play
2009 Robin Wright Penn State of Play
2008 Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace
2008 Giancarlo Giannini Quantum of Solace
2008 Jeffrey Wright Quantum of Solace
2008 Judi Dench Quantum of Solace
2008 Jay O. Sanders Revolutionary Road
2008 Kate Winslet Revolutionary Road
2008 Leonardo DiCaprio Revolutionary Road
2008 Dylan Baker Revolutionary Road
2008 Kathy Bates Revolutionary Road
2008 Molly Shannon Wedding Weekend
2007 Christopher McDonald Awake
2007 Lena Olin Awake
2007 Terrence Howard Awake
2007 Fisher Stevens Awake
2007 Arliss Howard Awake
2006 Molly Shannon Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
2005 Linda Cardellini Brokeback Mountain
2005 Michelle Williams Brokeback Mountain
2005 Jake Gyllenhaal Brokeback Mountain
2005 Heath Ledger Brokeback Mountain
2005 Randy Quaid Brokeback Mountain
2005 Anne Hathaway Brokeback Mountain
2005 Melissa Leo Confess
2005 Gene Barry War of the Worlds
2005 Miranda Otto War of the Worlds
2005 Tom Cruise War of the Worlds
2005 Ann Robinson War of the Worlds
2005 Morgan Freeman War of the Worlds
2005 Tim Robbins War of the Worlds
2004 Timothy Hutton Kinsey
2004 Liam Neeson Kinsey
2004 Laura Linney Kinsey
2004 Lynn Redgrave Kinsey
2004 John Lithgow Kinsey
2004 Chris O'Donnell Kinsey
2004 Tim Curry Kinsey
2004 Peter Sarsgaard Kinsey
2004 Dylan Baker Kinsey
2004 Oliver Platt Kinsey
2004 Veronica Cartwright Kinsey
1999 Lynne Thigpen Law & Order: Patsy
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