David Essex
Date of Birth
Jul 23, 1947
Birth Place:
Plaistow, London, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
1996 Ewan McGregor Brassed Off
1996 Pete Postlethwaite Brassed Off
1996 Tara Fitzgerald Brassed Off
1992 Christopher Lee Journey of Honor
1992 John Rhys-Davies Journey of Honor
1992 Ronald Pickup Journey of Honor
1992 Norman Lloyd Journey of Honor
1992 Toshiro Mifune Journey of Honor
1981 Beau Bridges Silver Dream Racer
1976 Elton John All This and World War II
1976 Tina Turner All This and World War II
1976 Richard Mulligan The Big Bus
1976 Richard B. Shull The Big Bus
1976 Lynn Redgrave The Big Bus
1976 José Ferrer The Big Bus
1976 Ruth Gordon The Big Bus
1976 Vito Scotti The Big Bus
1976 Vic Tayback The Big Bus
1976 Larry Hagman The Big Bus
1976 René Auberjonois The Big Bus
1976 Ned Beatty The Big Bus
1976 Joseph Bologna The Big Bus
1976 Stockard Channing The Big Bus
1976 Sally Kellerman The Big Bus
1976 Howard Hesseman The Big Bus
1976 Harold Gould The Big Bus
1974 Larry Hagman Stardust
1973 Ringo Starr That'll Be the Day
1973 James Booth That'll Be the Day
1972 Ian Hendry All Coppers Are...
1972 Eddie Byrne All Coppers Are...
1972 Marianne Stone All Coppers Are...
1971 Anna Maria Pier Angeli Octaman
1971 Kerwin Mathews Octaman
1971 Harry Guardino Octaman
1970 Freddie Jones Assault
1970 Marianne Stone Assault
1970 Lesley-Anne Down Assault
1970 Frank Finlay Assault
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