David Bowie Is Synopsis
A tour through the "David Bowie is" exhibition to see artifacts and personal items.

Movie Reviews

David Bowie Is

By esmilner
The movie needed more concert footage and less talking from the two hosts, which was awkward at times. Actors who speak well and are comfortable in front of a camera would have made watching more...


By txndude
I can see his life movie over and over again. He's inspirational....

David Bowie Is......is kinda expensive

By boomshot
I am a huge Bowie fan, (is that a cliche' or what?) I have been since I was a kid in the 70's. I knew about the exhibit when it opened in the UK, and also as it was in Chicago, both being pretty far...

First Rate Documentary

By Godot70
The screening was so spirited and compelling that I am booking my flight from Dallas to Chicago to see the exhibition....


By mmmmarissaestle
I'm so glad I went to this film! It was very interesting seeing the exhibit this way. All the beautiful clothing and artwork blew my mind away. Seeing Bowie's process of getting fame was truly...