David and Goliath Synopsis
David, the future king of Israel, battles a giant Philistine warrior named Goliath.

Movie Reviews

Very good film.......

By jill90900
I loved the David and Goliath story of the Bible and I found all the actors well chosen for their parts. The actor playing David gives an outstanding performance as David as do his two brothers who...

Our family loved the film

By seth0988
We saw this last night - we were inspired and loved this film. Very moving and very Biblical epic movie. May all who see it be blessed...

True to the Original Event!!

By apostle757
In the awaking of Hollywood doing Biblical movies with a humanistic twist, this movie stays true to the original event. The director of this film is on to something. I hope that we can see more...

Very inspiring film

By tim1000
David and Goliath is a Biblical-inspired film based on the story of David and Goliath. The main plot points of this story are quite well known, so creative interpretation is what I'm addressing. There...

Awesome, just awesome. THANK YOU GOD!

By rene90
First off, you should not plan to see David and Goliath because it is a biblical epic, nor should you plan to skip David and Goliath precisely because it is a biblical epic....

Excellent film to share your faith

By gilbert092
My friend Pastor Land in Miami took our group to see it and everyone loved the movie - many of loved that the Scriptures were always brought forth! 10 out of 10!...

Keep your chin up

By pastorlon
It was a great movie that honored God. Don't let the negative people and hate-mongers take you out of God's will...

David and Goliath

By flafinestbcbs

It Follows the Biblical Themes Better than Most

By douggilmore546
The theme does follow biblical verses and adds some drama also. The production quality is ok, not blockbuster. It is a simple story that does get the Bible side of the story as the main theme and...

Entire church group came

By lovedit89
EVERYONE in my church group, including 2 pastors, loved the film.......we loved how a Bible movie was finally DONE RIGHT....

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Rated PG
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Common Sense Media says Horrible, poorly-executed adaptation of Bible story.
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