Dave Franco

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Vince Vaughn Business Trip
2014 Morgan Freeman The LEGO Movie
2014 Will Ferrell The LEGO Movie
2014 Billy Dee Williams The LEGO Movie
2014 Anthony Daniels The LEGO Movie
2014 Liam Neeson The LEGO Movie
2014 Lisa Kudrow Neighbors
2013 Woody Harrelson Now You See Me
2013 Michael Caine Now You See Me
2013 Morgan Freeman Now You See Me
2013 Mark Ruffalo Now You See Me
2013 John Malkovich Warm Bodies
2012 Ice Cube 21 Jump Street
2012 Caroline Aaron 21 Jump Street
2011 Chris Sarandon Fright Night
2011 Toni Collette Fright Night
2011 Colin Farrell Fright Night
2010 Donal Logue Charlie St. Cloud
2010 Kim Basinger Charlie St. Cloud
2010 Ray Liotta Charlie St. Cloud
2010 Ben Stiller Greenberg
2010 Jennifer Jason Leigh Greenberg
2007 Jane Seymour After Sex
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