Totally agree with carNtire....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written April 10, 2010 was fine until strip club and perverse politician. I will say go instead of average for Steve Carrell. The man knows comic timing and always is entertaining. Not rolling in the aisles funny,just enjoyable. Please look for carNtires review. It says it all,regarding the stupidity and dumming down of decent material to appease those who always need smutty material to call something good. I wish there was just plain more class in America.
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By Dragon_Girl
Written May 26, 2013
with steve carell and tina fey, you know that this movie will be a funny one.
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Would have said Must Go if they could have left the strip club out.

Written April 14, 2010
And I really want to! Date Night is witty funny,silly funny, and relatable. Carrell and Fey are such naturals in their art. I just hate that so many good movies have to have a strip club scene. Yes,they did make it comedic for the main stars,but other unneeded dancers,and the politician being so ...yuck..just really bugged me. Same thing could have been accomplished another way-perhaps the pol having 'escorts brought to a hotel room or something.Or a drug problem or bribery. Something without ****. Good Comedy though.I saw it twice!
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Date Night

By nickbacon
Written April 11, 2010
An otherwise clichéed storyline is transformed by Tina Fey and Steve Carrel into a "Must see" movie. Their comic timing is superb and the chemistry between them coupled with their improvisation skills and experience enables them to work well off each other's performance. It was way better than "Mr & Mrs Smith" with more laughs and better acting.
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Five Word Review

By bjjjeff2013
Written April 09, 2010
Make res to rent it
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