Das Boot "The Boat"

By MovieBookLuver
Written February 02, 2012
I saw this movie because my husband insisted. I have to say it held my attention for the 3 hours and 28 mins that is "Das Boot" . It is subtitled so you have to read it, but believe it or not the ongoing action in the movie makes you not even realize you are reading sub titles. The cast was good, no one I really ever heard of. But if you are a WW2 fan like me you must catch this movie. I know one thing is for sure I never want to be on a sub. A man's movie but women may enjoy it also. Grab some popcorn and candy and settle in because she is a long one. Cheers and Enjoy
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The best of all submarine movies

By operaboffo
Written August 23, 2011
If you haven't yet seen "Das Boot" and you are part of that group that likes submarine movies or any really good movie with characters shown in exquisite detail reacting to other-worldly situations, then you're missing a sublime experience. If you have seen "Das Boot" but not the restored directors cut, go see it again. The most disconcerting thing about the "Das Boot" is that as it ends you realize that you been cheering for last three and one-half hours for the side that - if you're like me - you're glad actually lost WWII.
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