Worst Movie I've ever Seen

By popcorneater79
Written June 24, 2012
I guess when I walked into the theater and no one was there I should have taken it as a hint. The worst part was I almost felt obligated to stay through the whole thing since I was the only one there. This movie dragged on at a snail's pace so long that I eventually left not even caring if the crazy and yet not at all amusing characters found their damn dog. I was hoping they would all just shoot themselves and put us all out of our misery. The script was incredibly bad. It could have been written by a third grader without an imagination. The characters (if you can call them that --there was no character development) all spoke in cliches. The cinematography was awkward; how can you ruin Colorado's landscape? Idiotic characters fill the movie-a gypsie who is in touch with the dog world and a hillbilly "local" with a southern accent from Colorado make appearance. What? I think the worst part was the moronic soundtrack filling voids in the storyline. Save your money
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A Darling of a Film

By blackcapmom
Written April 24, 2012
To really "get" this film, I think you or your spouse need to be over 50. Perhaps that was what was wrong with some of the professional reviewers because this is a very, very sweet, funny, honest film. At some points my husband and I laughed until we cried as we recognized bits of ourselves, friends or family members in the characters on the screen. We liked these characters, we adored the story and we'd see it again in a heartbeat.
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Just OK

By gmarcus1
Written May 07, 2012
Despite the fact that this movie has a great cast (Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline, Diane Wiest), it was not the best vehicle for any of them. There are a few laughs (Diane Keaton is always funny), and there is the "ahhhh" factor (the dog!), but the story line was very mediocre and silly at times. If you have nothing better to do, see it!
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Better Movie Than I Expected!

By Nosofsky
Written May 11, 2012
Most times trailers are much better than the movie In this case the trailers didn't do the movie justice Great chemistry between the cast And the story was much better than I expected Overall worth seeing....
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By ethayerb
Written May 10, 2012
Great cast. Interesting but tired premise. Poor script. Kevin Kline tried but role did not suit him. Love to watch Ms. Keaton; she is delightful. Exciting Israeli actress. Cant' recommend it. Surprising given writers, director and cast. But sometimes it just doesn't work.
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