It's Been Done Before, But..

By DrewGuru
Written August 04, 2015
Obviously, ya gotta be a scary movie fan for this one to begin with. Overall, this was an exciting thrill ride with some slick effects. But, at the end of the day, we've all seen this done before and this one just doesn't stand out.
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The Gray's, they are with us.

By paranormalromances
Written January 31, 2015
SPOILER: If you are expecting some resolution to the Alien issue or want a happy ending this is not the movie for you. It does in fact hold true to the million reports from people that say they are experiencing these very same things. The Grays, they exist. Can we stop them NO, do we need to accept they are real, YES! Go see it, be aware, and be alert for the signs. You family might be next.
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Terrifying...NO. Entertaining...YES!

By Alon Patterson
Written July 29, 2015
This is a good story, told believably, and as a film I found it quite suspenseful and most entertaining. Those paranormal fans who follow this film's producers seem to have been expecting something in keeping with their former demonically themed screenplays (the “play” part being a bit of a stretch, I know). The fact they detoured from that comfort zone demonstrates the versatility they hope to present to their already established, yet definitely NOT built-in, audience. If you're looking for a suspenseful film experience outside the mainstream and without religious or spiritual implications, sans ghoulishness and deviant gore, this is just the movie for you. See it. You won't be disappointed. Use common sense though. Leave the kids at home..
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Dark Skies is here.

By mmoreloc21
Written February 24, 2013
Glad I chose this movie to watch today. I'm not normally into alien abduction films, but this one is different and very well done. Script is very well written. Movie is along similar lines of the movie "Signs", but not quite that good. Movie is not real scary so teens (13+) should enjoy. Movie is more suspenseful, but provides some good scares. Movie is from Producers of "Paranormal Activity" and you can see certain similarities. The last part of the movie has a major plot twist with an ending that is thought provoking. Some may not like ending, but I found it intriguing and they may be setting it up for sequels.
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Dark Skies

Written January 25, 2015
Abduction film which is not interesting until 15 minutes before the end. Although this is a movie for adults, the fact that there are several kids in the movie makes it boring.
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