Dark Skies

Written January 25, 2015
Abduction film which is not interesting until 15 minutes before the end. Although this is a movie for adults, the fact that there are several kids in the movie makes it boring.
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Horrible movie

By vr4operator
Written December 21, 2014
If you like suspense, dark and shadowy scenes that do more to get imagination going than actually seeing things on the screen, go see it. It was slow, dull, leaves you hanging so there will be another one. It was more dark imagery, dark music, than actual effects or CG. If you feel the need to see it, wait for 50 cent day at a Red Box. There were 3 people in the theater today, and none enjoyed it...
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Dark Skies - Take it or Leave It

By in2play
Written November 30, 2015
Dark Skies was so-so. I enjoyed it; but, its hard to believe a family would stay in a house for a whole series of strange happenings for so long. I would've checked into the nearest hotel by the second occurrence.
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It's A Good Average Movie

By tzoi516
Written May 30, 2016
It was a good movie. If you want to wait until it's available digitally then you won't be upset. It felt like a twist on the "Poltergeist" movie, but not in an offensive way.
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Dark Skies

By richt5
Written June 26, 2016
Loved it! Its a good depiction of me when I was 13 or 14. Its as much a family trying to hold things together during rough times as it is a scary show. Good script and good acting. Annie Thurman and Dakota Goyo are the next generation of stars! Generally for me, if the critics say a movie is average and the fans like it, I go. If the fans don't like it and the critics love it, I usually stay home or pick another. Alot of the time, Critics take themselves too seriously! It's the entertainment industry after all.
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