By cleoX3
Written December 28, 2014
This was a pretty decent movie. Definitely original when speaking on current paranormal movies. Some parts had me holding onto my seat. It would've been better however if they clipped some things out of their previews. Because they showed certain climax points of the movie, I knew what to expect. If they hadn't shown in previews movie would have been more surprising and disturbing at climax points.
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It was ok

By quimsley
Written March 03, 2013
Nothing great but I am older and it takes a lot to impress me. The teens a couple of seats downs seemed to like it. The ending kind of sucked. Realized it was pg13 so should have stayed away.
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Dark Skies

By mister2tim
Written January 29, 2015
Slow building movie plot with teenage boob grabbing getting emphasis along with a questionable father figure background. Tension and good suspense builds quickly in last half of movie. Good plot ending twist is gripping and is only explained in the last few moments of the film. This movie could be too scary & traumatic for small children.
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By littlehippo
Written February 24, 2013
I liked the movie and will probably buy it when it comes out. I did not care for the ending, but other than that i enjoyed it.
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Wait for Redbox

By jhs39
Written February 25, 2013
Horror flick about family being terrorized by aliens has individual scenes that are creepy but they never add up to anything. Dark Skies never really builds up any dramatic momentum and often seems to be borrowing liberally from other films like Sinister and the Paranormal Activity flicks. There are also ridiculous lapses in logic--if the aliens can get in and out of the house without opening any doors or windows or completely vanish from a bedroom as soon as a light switch is turned on then what's the point of boarding up the windows? If you think the aliens want one of your children why would you send them away to a separate room by themselves when the aliens come? If you think aliens implanted a probe behind your ear why not get a surgeon to try and remove it rather than do it yourself? If a child wakes up with geometric shapes branded to his skin why wouldn't he tell his parents? Then there's the ending which elicited groans and loud comments from members of the audience.
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