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pretty entertaining

By el guero
Written May 22, 2012
Johnny Depp was, as usual, excellent in his role as the ancient Collins, now a Vampire, freed from his prison underground by an accidental excavation circa 1970's Maine. Michele Pfeiffer was very good, as were the other actors, a strong cast who did a lot with a small morsel of a script. Based on the TV series of the early 70's that had enjoyed a dedicated following, there were plenty of winks and nods to it during the movie and one wonders if younger audiences would understand and "get" the references. Overall, an enjoyable experience that I would recommend to others.
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Because I'm a Depp fan.....

By latinacomplesso
Written June 02, 2012
I did enjoy this movie. And if you liked the original series, this has some welcome comic relief. There were lull's is some parts of the movie but overall I enjoyed it. Elena was great too! 1 and a half thumbs up..
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Great? Not really. Good? Yep

By madestro
Written May 13, 2012
I would have to say the trailers are definitely misleading on this one. It looks a lot more fun than it actually is. That being said, it's a decent movie with a great cast. A little slow in the beginning but it eventually catches up. I was hoping to get more laughs out of it but all I got was an occasional smile. Good plot and visual effects. Just don't walk in there hoping to watch a vampire parody because this isn't one.
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By t-wiseguy
Written May 13, 2012
My wife, Sally and I thought it was funny , compelling, and great special effects! It's just what we needed to chill out and have a good time, a very entertaining movie. Being a vampire movie, it wasn't really gruesome,yet it got it's point across to the very end with a lot of action, no time to be bored. The movie could be seen by a young audience, age 12 and up would be appropriate. We highly recommend it if your not a stuffed shirt or cold blooded.
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Dark Shadows Review

By Panthus
Written October 24, 2016
It was a fun and humorous movie with a great cast. It makes you laugh and root for the less than perfect, anti-hero and has a great villain. It doesn't really lull and is easy to follow throughout. Johnny Depp is entertaining and the main reason to see it. It carries supernatural elements like the original series which was nice to see and the 1970s era setting was great. I wouldn't recommend taking children to see this.
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