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Johnny and Tim do it again!

By joaniegohr
Written May 11, 2012
Loved Dark Shadows the show, way back when, Love Johnny for ever....One of there best! Have to see it more than once to catch all the laughs. Really really liked the movie, as did everyone in the theatre last nite.
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Dark Shadows

By robinorsam
Written May 04, 2015
I enjoyed the movie very much!
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dark shadows

By kitchngodess
Written May 19, 2012
enjoyable movie, but i think i went in with expectations too high, although I'm not exactly sure what i was expecting, other than greatness; not as funny, poignant, or quirky as i'd hoped .
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Actually- left feeling really disappointed

By jenn09870
Written May 15, 2012
I really wanted to like this movie. Felt like they tried to throw as much crap in as possible at the end to set things up for the sequel. Really expected more.
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Worst Movie Ever

By jbozek
Written May 19, 2012
This movie was a run-on sentence about nothing. Yeah, it had Depp being Depp and a cast that has done some good work in the past, but together they participated in a giant waste of digital server space. The trailer made you think it was gong to be a dark comedy but it was not funny, had no plot whatsoever, and ended in a question mark claiming his vampire curse had been lifted when in fact both of them ended up/stayed vampires, having killed countless people in trying to save the town and restore their family business & name. Duping people to see this aimless flick based on name clout is nothing more than a money grubbing prank. I want my money back, and will never trust another Depp flick again.
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