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Dark Shadows

By mary57
Written October 22, 2016
This movie was a bit of a disappointment. Johnny Depp gives another great performance but the movie drags a bit and all the very best parts were seen in the trailers. The daughter turned werewolf was out of left field and too over the top and the ending was campy and predictable.
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Floppier than rabbit ears.

By Taom
Written May 17, 2012
A dismal time is had by all. This little piece is brought to us by egos in search of an imagination. The paltry attempt at macabre humor fails. The plot fails. The Depp character is silly and, worse, lost. You, as the inquisitive movie goer, will wish your wallet had taken you to the dollar movies. Alas, famous men get so well settled into their mastery of the medium that they do not see when the rug has been pulled out from under them. Purchasing an airplane vomit bag would serve you better.
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Was Hilarious

By lyzardeyes
Written May 12, 2012
The kitschiest of the kitsch, the cheesiest of the cheese. It not only didn't take itself seriously, but it gave itself a wedgie, then pointed and laughed at itself, till it wet its own pants. Totally worth a viewing. Just make sure your bladder is empty.
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Pretty Good

By jzmn79
Written May 24, 2012
It seemed slow to me. I am a big fan of the original series and yes even the cheesy remake in the 90's this was a whole other animal!!
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By wsladejr
Written May 23, 2012
The whole premise was strange to me - I think we were supposed to believe that the witch was the "bad-guy" but as the movie progressed it kind of seemed like Barnabus the vampire was the antagonist that brought a curse upon himself for being a jerk. Ultimately I think it was pretty obvious that the "good-guy" killed WAY more innocent people than the witch ever did. And at least her killings had a motive as opposed to the random acts of violence carried out by the vampire (granted she created the vampire, but still). Plus she was super hot which made it even harder to dislike her. Toward the end It was as though the director was trying to cram in a bunch of references from the book or tv series or whatever the movie was based on that made no sense... Random werewolf that did NOTHING, some weird ghost that kept falling off the chandelier that did NOTHING, random boy's mom that should have stepped in long before things got carried away. For me it was just OK... maybe a good renter.
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