Dark Shadows is a "don't bother"

By murraydudette
Written May 12, 2012
The production values are impressive, the references to the original show are intriguing to find, and who wouldn't enjoy a trip through time back to cringe-worthy1972 hairdos and fashions? that said, we went expecting creme brulee, and got vanilla pudding. never thought I would say this, but Johnny Depp was woefully miscast, mostly because it was impossible to figure out why so many females were swooning over his blank, androgynous Barnabas
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Same Tim Burton Formula-

By superbucky
Written May 21, 2012
From the beginning of this movie, I couldn't tell if this was Sweeny Todd or Alice in Wonderland but it WASN'T either! Its a new movie from Tim Burton! Same cast, same special effects, same script. I like Tim Burton but paaleese do something new. I was bored to death after the first 5 minutes..
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By LBDirector/Actor
Written May 12, 2012
Dark Shadows was my favorite show when I was a child. I was excited that the series was getting a re-boot with the help of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I was thrilled at the result. The film is fantastic. Visually stunning, scary, romantic and funny. Being a junior in high school I loved seeing the era brought back from clothes, music, games and toys. The movie is very faithful to the show in most respects. All of the characters are there: Barnabas, Elizabeth, Carolyn, David, Roger, Willie Loomis, Mrs. Johnson, Victoria Winters/Josette/Maggie Evans (a clever way to morph those characters since the original Victoria early departure shifted Maggie to becoming the governess) and of course Angelique. Most characters are younger. Bloodier, & much funnier. Barnabas's reactions to 1972 is hysterical. The end takes us on to new plot twists so it can wrap up the story. Burton and Depp have made it their own but still paid tribute to the original. Love the cameos of the tv cast.
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By Thomas Murray Jr
Written May 12, 2012
I went in expecting much more than what was delivered. The beginning of the movie was great and it told the story very well, indeed. As the movie progressed, it slowly dwindled downward to a completely over-the-top, let's grab at any straw we have left, finale. The last half-hour of the movie was completely ridiculous and completely tainted what would have otherwise been a very good movie. Costumes were great, and of course, Helena Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfeiffer were fantastic. They're always great character actors. The remainder of the cast ... ehhhh. If you do decide to go, leave your expectations at home. I give it TWO STARS - and that is generous.
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Loved this movie

By CaroleA
Written May 14, 2012
If you were a fan of the orignial series you will love the beginning and th ending for sure. And there were so many references to the series throughout the movie. Yes they did change some things but if you go back now and look at the series it really was full of overacting and over the top moments. Burton's version is just plain fun.. But it isn't just a comedy. It is much more. Johnny Depp sounds like Frid. He is both funny and sad too, in many ways. I have seen this twice already . GREAT FUN !. I would say it should appeal to anyone who doesn't take it any more seriously then the original.
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