Darkman, Darkman, he can do what a Spiderman can't.

By randomskill
Written January 26, 2008
Movie Goers of the World...Unite! Go see Darkman! There is no cheezy CGI in THIS movie. It's all real, intense, and epic. The visual effects were stunning, and the cinematography was absoultely spot-on perfect! Darkman blows Spiderman out of the water...big time. If you love great movies, then add DARKMAN to your collection! You will SURELY enjoy this classic.
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Darkman - Reel Quick!

By wtlasley
Written April 19, 2016
After being denied the movie rights to The Shadow, which would be brought to the big screen 4 years later (badly), Sam Raimi created this unique, pulpy, gruesome, and darkly funny superhero thriller. Liam Neeson is at the top of his typically-bad*** game, even raising the hamminess just enough to bring the welcome Raimi camp. The quirky ensemble help accentuate the already warped and loopy environment. There's even a few fun blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos that are sure to bring a smile and/or chuckle. 'Darkman' is a must-see for anyone who loves superhero movies with a wicked edge.
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