Darfur Now

By lgilber
Written November 11, 2007
Darfur Now was eye opening and insightful in understanding what is happening in that country and how it can affect the world if the dispair continues. The movie was directed well and incorporated how individuals from all walks of life care enough to make a difference. The look into George Clooney and Don Cheadle's lives as activists outside of acting looks into the souls of those who can feel for all people. The one point made that doing something is better than doing nothing needs to be heard around the world. Clearly, if the human race does not regard the fact that the world is becoming one and if we continue to ignore disparity in the world, it surely will become a part of our own world if we do not stop to care and do something. An excellent movie, I only wish more people had taken an interest and attended.
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Darfur Now

By mrosinia
Written November 11, 2007
This is a must see movie. Don't worry, it's sad subject is countered by the hopeful and inspiring messages and stories throughout the film.
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By Tizocman
Written November 05, 2007
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By bavilla_09skater
Written October 31, 2007
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