Daredevil Synopsis
A blind attorney becomes a nocturnal superhero who dispenses justice to New York's criminal element.
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By the godfatherpt1
this was a bad movie, the acting was bad, the directing was cheasy, the action is moderate. and there is some silly fighting and things they say....

There were some parts but it stunk.

By moviespoiler795
I thought that this movie was as bad as The Hulk because it didn't have any good action....

Better than many say it is, but directors cut is way to go

By TerpsFan72
This movie is a bit underrated, but the directors cut is the way to go. Not the best comic book movie ever, even more so when compared to newer entries like the Nolan Batman trilogy, Iron Man, The...

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By CMPunk630
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By MKLandrum


By nocountryforironman
this movie sucks dirty butthole i bet whoever liked this movie eats dirty ham bullseye kills people with paper clips...


By gabrielarreygue
It was kind of good it wasn't the best super hero movie i seen....


By Mr.Le-bow-ski
Is this movie a joke. I thought it was one of the worst superhero movies since the 2002 version of the Hulk. Movies like this and Electra make me question going to a superhero movies. The villain was...

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By KDBolejack
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By Mrmuveman
A Must see increadable awsome...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Sensuality and Action/Violence
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Common Sense Media says Superhero is darker, more violent than Spiderman.
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