Dan Terranova

Worked With

Year Name Title
1965 John Hoyt Young Dillinger
1965 Sol (Saul) Gorss Young Dillinger
1965 Gene Roth Young Dillinger
1965 Ted Knight Young Dillinger
1965 Victor Buono Young Dillinger
1965 Nick Adams Young Dillinger
1965 Reed Hadley Young Dillinger
1965 Anthony Caruso Young Dillinger
1957 Sol (Saul) Gorss Baby Face Nelson
1957 Ted de Corsia Baby Face Nelson
1957 Elisha Cook, Jr. Baby Face Nelson
1957 Jack Elam Baby Face Nelson
1957 Anthony Caruso Baby Face Nelson
1957 John Hoyt Baby Face Nelson
1957 Mickey Rooney Baby Face Nelson
1957 Cedric Hardwicke Baby Face Nelson
1957 Carolyn Jones Baby Face Nelson
1957 George E. Stone Baby Face Nelson
1957 Gil Perkins Baby Face Nelson
1956 James Whitmore Crime in the Streets
1956 Virginia Gregg Crime in the Streets
1956 Mark Rydell Crime in the Streets
1956 John Cassavetes Crime in the Streets
1956 Sal Mineo Crime in the Streets
1956 Dick Curtis Crime in the Streets
1956 Robert Blake Rumble on the Docks
1956 Timothy Carey Rumble on the Docks
1956 Don Devlin Rumble on the Docks
1956 Tuesday Weld The Wrong Man
1956 Werner Klemperer The Wrong Man
1956 Charles Aidman The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Beckman The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Fonda The Wrong Man
1956 Harold J. Stone The Wrong Man
1956 Vera Miles The Wrong Man
1956 Anthony Quayle The Wrong Man
1956 Nehemiah Persoff The Wrong Man
1955 Warner Anderson Blackboard Jungle
1955 Richard Deacon Blackboard Jungle
1955 John Hoyt Blackboard Jungle
1955 Louis Calhern Blackboard Jungle
1955 Anne Francis Blackboard Jungle
1955 Robert Foulk Blackboard Jungle
1955 Glenn Ford Blackboard Jungle
1955 Richard Kiley Blackboard Jungle
1955 Sidney Poitier Blackboard Jungle
1955 Vic Morrow Blackboard Jungle
1955 Horace McMahon Blackboard Jungle
1955 Maggie Hayes Blackboard Jungle
1955 Teddy Infuhr Blackboard Jungle
1955 Paul Mazursky Blackboard Jungle
1950 Alberto Morin Side Street
1950 Minerva Urecal Side Street
1950 Norman Leavitt Side Street
1950 George Lynn Side Street
1950 Paul Kelly Side Street
1950 William H. Ruhl Side Street
1950 Herb Vigran Side Street
1950 Ruth Warren Side Street
1950 Jean Hagen Side Street
1950 Don Haggerty Side Street
1950 Ben Cooper Side Street
1950 James Craig Side Street
1950 Charles McGraw Side Street
1950 Nolan Leary Side Street
1950 Paul Harvey Side Street
1950 Farley Granger Side Street
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