Danny Stone

Worked With

Year Name Title
2003 Anthony Hopkins The Human Stain
2003 Gary Sinise The Human Stain
2003 Ed Harris The Human Stain
2003 Nicole Kidman The Human Stain
1986 Sterling Holloway Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare
1986 Colm Meaney Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare
1986 Kenneth McMillan Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare
1984 Rick Moranis Ghostbusters
1984 Annie Potts Ghostbusters
1984 Harold Ramis Ghostbusters
1984 Bill Murray Ghostbusters
1984 Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters
1984 William Atherton Ghostbusters
1984 Ernie Hudson Ghostbusters
1984 Sigourney Weaver Ghostbusters
1984 David Margulies Ghostbusters
1968 George Voskovec The Desperate Ones
1968 Irene Papas The Desperate Ones
1968 Theodore Bikel The Desperate Ones
1968 Maximilian Schell The Desperate Ones
1968 Fernando Rey The Desperate Ones
1968 Raf Vallone The Desperate Ones
1967 George Montgomery Hallucination
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