Dan in Real Life

By kiam
Written November 29, 2007
lovely movie...something for everyone that does not pander to the lowest common denominator. Well written, well acted and heartfelt. You walk out feeling good!
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Written October 25, 2007
From the previews, I was iffy on going and watching it. It looked funny, but it wasn't all that enticing. Boy was I wrong. I haven't fell in love with like that for a long time. It's a feel good movie that just makes you smile and laugh! I will definitely go see it again!
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By Daydream
Written November 03, 2007
After debuting with the amazing underrated film Pieces of April, director Peter Hedges bestows us with Dan in Real Life. This movie has a wonderfully written script presenting the conflicts between family and romance. Steve Carell is a struggling father and newspaper advice columnist who realizes that he doesn’t read his own column. Juliette Binoche is radiant and draws you in with the shy and cute, love at first sight between her and Carell. This is a situational humor for everyone, young and old. You will feel amazing after seeing this movie. I will see it again. (After the movie there was a couple who stood up, smiled at each other, hugged and kissed and walked out holding hands) Must see!
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Real cute movie, adults would find more amusing than young teens

By moviefanwith3kids
Written October 31, 2007
I think this was a very cute movie. There were a few laugh out loud scenes but many of those were about the 13 year old falling"in love " with her boyfriend and her dad bign the worst Dad ever for not letting her see him. Many adults have probably experienced it and now can laugh. It was pretty predictable which is usually the case in these types of movies. If you like Steve Carell you will like this movie. YOu can wait until it goes on DVD although you might miss out on some of the laugh out loud scenes because the audience participation(laughter) does help.
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Nothing REAL LIFE about this movie

Written January 21, 2008
Steve Carrell is an extremely likable guy. This is one movie he should have passed on. I wanted to like this one, moreover I wanted to laugh. This corny, LOVE story has a few laughs but is far fetched. I started out thinking this is cute, then I developed a cavity.
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