Dan in Real Life Synopsis
An advice columnist (Steve Carell) falls in love with his brother's girlfriend (Juliette Binoche).
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Dan in Real Life

By kiam
lovely movie...something for everyone that does not pander to the lowest common denominator. Well written, well acted and heartfelt. You walk out feeling good!...


From the previews, I was iffy on going and watching it. It looked funny, but it wasn't all that enticing. Boy was I wrong. I haven't fell in love with like that for a long time. It's a feel good...


By Daydream
After debuting with the amazing underrated film Pieces of April, director Peter Hedges bestows us with Dan in Real Life. This movie has a wonderfully written script presenting the conflicts between...

Nothing REAL LIFE about this movie

Steve Carrell is an extremely likable guy. This is one movie he should have passed on. I wanted to like this one, moreover I wanted to laugh. This corny, LOVE story has a few laughs but is far...

Real cute movie, adults would find more amusing than young teens

By moviefanwith3kids
I think this was a very cute movie. There were a few laugh out loud scenes but many of those were about the 13 year old falling"in love " with her boyfriend and her dad bign the worst Dad ever for not...

Put a bullet in my head

By Nancy_E
Predictable, cliche, poor character development. What wa Julliette Binoche thinking when she agreed to this part? Steve Carell was not at all funny not was anyone else in the story....

Now this is a REAL comedy.

By Lizerne Guiting
This is by far Steve Carrell's funniest film! It's not crude humor, not really slapstick, but a lot of situational humor...the kind of stuff you'd see if you're just goofing around with friends and...

borinnnnnnnnnnnng. i wanted to leave in the beginning!

By cococrisp
sure...at time you may laugh...but it was a forgettable movie...so boring. rtghjjgfd stupid plot. u cant even call it a plot!!!...

Not So Real...

By rsquebec
Steve Carell brings his unique sense of humor to an otherwise typical romantic comedy situation. The irony of love and rules for adults and children was an interesting story element that Steve's...

Great movie

By Candi13
Good clean movie - enjoyed it a lot!!! I wish we had more like this instead of dirty, vulgar ones. No homos in this one either....

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Rated PG-13 | For some innuendo
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Common Sense Media says Love hurts in predictable rom com. OK for teens.
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