• Released
  • October 7, 2005
  • NR , 1 hr 34 min
  • Drama
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
First-time director Mark Milgard displays enormous promise and a surprisingly sensitive touch with this beautifully rendered tragedy.
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By Scott Foundas
A perceptive character drama both delicate and tragic.
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Film Threat

The two young leads--Vincent Kartheiser and Taryn Manning--bring a sense of reality to their roles. This combines with Milgard’s direction and choice of backdrops to make Dandelion an unassuming journey.
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Village Voice

By Joshua Land
Atmosphere trumps plot throughout, enabling the movie to survive an unfortunate, if inevitable, final-act turn.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Like its troubled protagonists, Mark Milgard's ultra-sensitive ode to adolescent angst is equal parts earnest and awkward. Should you happen to be a 15-year-old girl, you'll adore it.
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
So much care has been taken to build a mood of hushed suspense that the rushed, tragic conclusion, in which too little is shown and too little explained, leaves you deeply unsatisfied.
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New York Post

It's easy to spot a failed tearjerker, though: All the characters are sobbing all over each other while the people in the audience check their watches.
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62 out of 100
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