Great acting!

By Dozagirl
Written January 26, 2014
I wanted to see this movie mainly because some shots were filmed in the building I work in. The acting was amazing and both main characters deserve many awards! The story was a good one and I'm glad it was told even though some scenes were hard to watch. There was a good bit of explicit language, so if you have a problem with that, you may want to pass on this movie.
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By everyweek60706
Written November 10, 2013
This wasn't my first choice and I had to wait quite a while, but it's lucky because the theater was largely full already. The staff actually came in to squeeze more people into the neck-crane seats during the previews. It's a very entertaining film, never a dull moment. Even the bit parts are well done and empathetic. Jared Leto is great as the tranny partner. In spite of the subject matter it's a very warm movie, not the tear-jerker, melodramatic slush, or political diatribe you might expect. Matthew McConaughey is very impressive. You never feel like you're in a Matthew McConaughey movie. Jennifer Garner, same deal. How it could be considered a documentary I don't know, but apparently it's a true story.
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One of the best movies of this year

By cuzzanio
Written March 03, 2014
Great acting and well deserved Oscars. If you have been impacted by a slow or clumsy FDA decision, this movie will move you to the bones!
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Dallas Buyers Club

By Joe and Kitty movies
Written November 23, 2013
The only reason I don't rate this movie as a 'must go' is because it doesn't really need the big screen to be powerful. I would say it is a 'must see'. See it on any medium that you prefer, but do see it. The story brings an important message that is both historical (as it related to the early days of the AIDs epidemic) and current (as it relates to 'modern' pharmaceutical and medical industry practices). The character development is a little thin on the ground, but to some extent, that is what makes it such a tour de force of Matt McConaughey. This is a performance that deserves an academy award. It isn't just a good performance, but it is also about the physical transformation that he undergoes to play the part of a man dying of AIDS. It is hard to imagine how one could ever get so thin and then completely recover from it!
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Very Intense.

By BellaBites the big One
Written January 27, 2015
I found the story very interesting, especially since it was about a real person's life. I would not have picked this movie myself, but I did enjoy it and found the story very enlightening. There were not many breaks from the intensity of the story and some parts were shocking. It did end well, though, sort of.
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