What a wonderful life affirming story

By Skddusa
Written December 26, 2013
This is the best performance I have ever seen my Matthew McConnahy. I alway knew he had it in him, but his looks always got in the way. Not this time. He was wonderful and so believable. I can't say enough about this movie. Bring your Kleenex, but it is worth every minute
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Dallas Buyers Club

By Louise Caliro
Written November 18, 2013
Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto's best performances of their career!!! These two will be nominated for Oscars! I just wish the movie had been filmed in Dallas to capture the city in the 80's.
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Hard "Who Knew" Look at 80's AIDS Crisis

By tluedecke
Written November 17, 2013
Follows the path of non-gay man with AIDS and his fierce battle to single-handedly fight to survive. He stands entirely against the American medical approach. Outstanding pivotal performances by Matthew and Jared Leto.
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Amazing Characters

By TerpMa
Written November 17, 2013
Dallas Buyers Club in an actor's virtuoso piece--Matthew McConhaughey and Jared Leto are both fantastic. Each character develops with depth and finesse--and these are hard folks to understand and like at first, as they struggle with drug addiction and promiscuous lifestyles. Both become humane and intriguing and likeable as the movie progresses. There's a bit of a documentary feel--sometimes exposition seems too long, or redundant--and the supporting characters tend to be less satisfyingly dimensional than the two leads, but it's two hours well spent if you draw inspiration from watching people rise to the challenges presented to them. No kids, please.
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Dallas Awards Club

By pooh254
Written November 19, 2013
Acting at it's Finest solid performances delivered from the intire cast. I do hope this movie sees a wider release and is recognized for the effort put forth cpme awards season.
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