Amazing Characters

By TerpMa
Written November 17, 2013
Dallas Buyers Club in an actor's virtuoso piece--Matthew McConhaughey and Jared Leto are both fantastic. Each character develops with depth and finesse--and these are hard folks to understand and like at first, as they struggle with drug addiction and promiscuous lifestyles. Both become humane and intriguing and likeable as the movie progresses. There's a bit of a documentary feel--sometimes exposition seems too long, or redundant--and the supporting characters tend to be less satisfyingly dimensional than the two leads, but it's two hours well spent if you draw inspiration from watching people rise to the challenges presented to them. No kids, please.
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Dallas Awards Club

By pooh254
Written November 19, 2013
Acting at it's Finest solid performances delivered from the intire cast. I do hope this movie sees a wider release and is recognized for the effort put forth cpme awards season.
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I'm Sold

By dantel3
Written January 22, 2017
Typically Matthew Mc. annoys the hell out of me. But every now and then the guy plays a character so well that he completely wins me over again. This is a superbly acted and written movie that shines a light on the incestuous relationship between our government and the medical/drug corporations. It's not a movie that picks an obvious left or right wing opinion so don't be scared off right wingers, just because the movie has gays and lesbians in it. It also exposes the problems with "big government" that makes right wingers froth at the mouth. Aside from all the's extremely entertaining in a "you'll laugh and cry" kind of way. Every character does a great job....even Jennifer Garner. So go see it and support this kind of movie making. It's a breath of fresh air with all those comic book movies always playing these days.
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By cariphilpott
Written February 24, 2017
great movie! I'm not a huge McConoughy fan but he was amazing.! The story I didn't know either and all done very well without being terribly depressing at the end.
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never forget hiv

By jrodrigo31
Written August 25, 2016
The hate, the fear, had for people infected. Drug companies took advantage of those without a choice. And to those unsung heroes that tried their best to help the sick. To all the actors thank you for sacrifices and portraying the characters and lives of those affected by AIDS Yes, the main character starts ignorant, but at end of his life; he died a learned man.
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