Honest and very Well-Acted

By selassiejt
Written July 07, 2010
Let's be honest, movies these days are horrible. Seeing Cyrus was such a relief from big-budget, predictable Hollywood films. Both the acting as well as the cinematography were very honest. Though definitely "out there," it isn't "over the top." I have seen the reviews about exploring the Oedipal aspect of the movie more, but that would have been a huge mistake. We got it; they didn't need to go any further. Jonah Hill finally gets to show his chops as an actor; Marissa Tomei is lovely as usual; and Reilly is always a pleasure to watch. I can't say this was the greatest film I have ever seen, but it is 10x better than what is out there and definitely a must-see this summer. By the way, the fact the Hill has put on a lot of weight served this character very, very well, but I hope he doesn't go the way of Candy, Farely, Belushi, etc..
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Definitely a change of pace for these two comedy kings

By unlvraptor
Written July 11, 2010
Cyrus was one of those rare movies you hear about but usually don't see. It's a Sundance movie, so expect in your face camera angles and shots you would usually see reserved for prime time reality shows. Its a low budget film with low budget camera work, but the drama and raw emotion is all there. Its like nothing I have seen before. Expect conversations not to flow naturally, instead expect voice overs for many of the one on one intimate discussions. I'm not saying this is a bad way to show discussions, but just an interesting one. The Cyrus movie points to a situation that is not too uncommon in American society today: adult children living with their parents. Its just a fact that adult children are leaving the nest at a later and later age. This could be due to economics or general dependency on parents, but its a real issue. Cyrus is overprotective of his single mom and fights the new man in their lives. There are funny parts but this is definitely a drama and not a comedy.
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Cyrus is creepy, not funny.

By FranCarpentier
Written July 08, 2010
Comedic Jonah Hill enters new territory here, and it's too painful to watch. Is his character Cyrus an overgrown spoiled Mama's boy? Or a mentally ill sociopath? A more skilled actor might have pulled it off. Then again, I don't think the director knew if he wanted to make a comedy or a social commentary. In a word, it's creepy. What a waste of talent like John C. O'Reilly and Marisa Tomei and, yes, Jonah Hill. If you still feel that you must see this movie, save your money and wait until it airs on cable.
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Mislabled Genre, Not A Comedy

By TWolves4409
Written June 14, 2012
Although it shows the dynamics of John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill, two great actors. This film starts slow and ends slower. To be honest, it sucks.
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offbeat beauty

By wademovienut
Written July 04, 2010
Funny, thought provoking, well acted and one of the most unusual movies out this year. If you like movies that have realistic dialogue and great timing by the actors you'll love this one. Jonah Hill shows he has a range not seen before and Reilly and Tomei are very good. Keeps you thinking about the scenes after you leave the theatre.Many LOL moments.
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