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A man (John C. Reilly) becomes locked in a battle of wills with his new lover's 21-year-old son.
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Honest and very Well-Acted

By selassiejt
Let's be honest, movies these days are horrible. Seeing Cyrus was such a relief from big-budget, predictable Hollywood films. Both the acting as well as the cinematography were very honest. Though...

Definitely a change of pace for these two comedy kings

By unlvraptor
Cyrus was one of those rare movies you hear about but usually don't see. It's a Sundance movie, so expect in your face camera angles and shots you would usually see reserved for prime time reality...

Mislabled Genre, Not A Comedy

By TWolves4409
Although it shows the dynamics of John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill, two great actors. This film starts slow and ends slower. To be honest, it sucks....

Cyrus is creepy, not funny.

By FranCarpentier
Comedic Jonah Hill enters new territory here, and it's too painful to watch. Is his character Cyrus an overgrown spoiled Mama's boy? Or a mentally ill sociopath? A more skilled actor might have...

offbeat beauty

By wademovienut
Funny, thought provoking, well acted and one of the most unusual movies out this year. If you like movies that have realistic dialogue and great timing by the actors you'll love this one. Jonah Hill...

Different than the reviews

By jknapp1005
The trailers would have you believing this is a comedic revenge flick. While there are elements of both, I found this to be more of a dramedy than comedy. It was very thoughtful. If you can get past...

I'd rather have been forced to look through a strangers vacation photos

By Cheetzmobeetz
You couldn't have made this movie more dull if the characters just stood there motionless staring blankly at the screen. I cared nothing at all about any of the characters. Their issues were boring...

Five Word Review

By nappyg
Not Comedy but Psychological Dramedy...


By vmlong
Usually I enjoy pretty much anything John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei do, but the writing in this was just bad. It seemed that most of Reilly's lines started with "Oh, Oh, well...." There were a few...


By stapes
Cyrus. If it were possible to make a more boring movie I would be surprised. If there was a SCRIPT to this steaming pile of monkey droppings, I'd also be surprised. The camera work is unbelievable,...

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Rated R | For some sexual material and language
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Common Sense Media says Indie romcom swaps raunchiness for quirkiness.
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