GOLDEN FLOWER blossoms as one of Yimous's Best

By lugubriousthespian
Written November 18, 2008
Master Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou's CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER has everything an upscale epic should have; incredible sets and costumes, great actors and a powerful story. This movie ( last of a trio he was commisioned to make - HERO and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS the first two ) has all that and more! To date the most expensive movie ever made in China, CURSE tells the Shakespearean-calibur tale of a Tang Dynasty Emperor ( Chow Yun Fat in a nasty turn as an evil ruler ) diabolically plotting to poison his Empress ( the ever ravishing Gong Li ) after learning of her incestuous affair with his first-born son who is the crown prince ( Liu Ye ). And that is only a few of the juicy tidbits of this riveting story of lust, betrayal and revenge. The climactic battle are simply astounding with thousands of real extras doing the work of what could have been lazily CGI'ed and a haunting musical score is high-lighted by costarring pop star Jay Chou's title song during the ending credits.
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good movie

By kobe_24
Written June 25, 2007
movie was good through out, beautiful setting, great plot, a especially great performence by Gong Li, pretty good performence by Chou Yun Fat and the rest of the cast. One thing didn't work for me: Jay Chou, he's got such an important role but a horrible acting job, I could've done better than that. He was the only down point of the movie, if it wasn't for him, it is a must see. But good movie regardless.
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Curse of the Golden Flower

By cookie101
Written January 26, 2007
I was not impressed with how the movie was written. I am very much interested with ancient Chinese dynasties but this one was disappointing
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A Striking Masterpiece

By Moviedude
Written July 06, 2007
The most visually impressive movie of 2006 is Curse of the Golden Flower.However,along with it's beautiful scenery,and colorful set,lies a unique plot.The plot is not your average plot,and it really does date back to the time it's set around.The action martial-arts sequences are breathtaking,especially with the ninjas,and the colorful set design adds to the movie beauty.A must-see.
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A lot of outstanding visuals with little story

By premises
Written January 15, 2007
Refined attention to detail, cinematography, costumes and visual effects but there is a lack of character development with incoherent, poor plot. Oh and too much of Tang Dynasty cleavage shots.
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