Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Date of Birth
Jan 02, 1968
Birth Place:
South Bronx, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Oprah Winfrey Selma
2014 Martin Sheen Selma
2014 Giovanni Ribisi Selma
2014 Dylan Baker Selma
2014 Tim Roth Selma
2014 Tom Wilkinson Selma
2013 Vanessa Redgrave Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Alan Rickman Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Terrence Howard Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Jane Fonda Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 John Cusack Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Oprah Winfrey Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Robin Williams Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Forest Whitaker Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Liev Schreiber Lee Daniels' The Butler
2013 Dennis Haysbert Life of a King
2013 Mel Gibson Machete Kills
2013 Tom Savini Machete Kills
2013 Antonio Banderas Machete Kills
2012 Terrence Howard Red Tails
2011 Christian Slater Sacrifice
2010 Neal McDonough Ticking Clock
2009 Ray Winstone The Devil's Tomb
2009 Val Kilmer Hardwired
2009 Michael Ironside Hardwired
2009 Christian Slater Lies and Illusions
2009 Harvey Keitel Wrong Turn at Tahoe
2009 Miguel Ferrer Wrong Turn at Tahoe
2008 Fred Willard Harold
2008 Ally Sheedy Harold
2008 Ben Cross Hero Wanted
2008 Ray Liotta Hero Wanted
2008 Jean Smart Hero Wanted
2008 J.K. Simmons Way of War
2007 Ruby Dee American Gangster
2007 Armand Assante American Gangster
2007 Josh Brolin American Gangster
2007 Clarence Williams III American Gangster
2007 Denzel Washington American Gangster
2007 Carla Gugino American Gangster
2007 Ted Levine American Gangster
2007 Joe Morton American Gangster
2007 Russell Crowe American Gangster
2007 Jon Polito American Gangster
2007 Brian Doyle-Murray Daddy Day Camp
2007 Sandra Oh The Land Before Time: The Wisdom of Friends
2007 Thandie Newton Norbit
2007 Eddie Murphy Norbit
2007 Sean Astin What Love Is
2007 Anne Heche What Love Is
2007 Gina Gershon What Love Is
2006 Keith David Dirty
2005 James Woods End Game
2005 Burt Reynolds End Game
2005 Stephen Dorff Shadowboxer
2005 Helen Mirren Shadowboxer
2004 Joe Flaherty Home on the Range
2004 Judi Dench Home on the Range
2004 Steve Buscemi Home on the Range
2004 G.W. Bailey Home on the Range
2004 Jennifer Tilly Home on the Range
2004 Charles Haid Home on the Range
2004 Randy Quaid Home on the Range
2004 Sarah Jessica Parker Home on the Range
2003 Roger Moore Boat Trip
2003 Will Ferrell Boat Trip
2003 Roselyn Sanchez Boat Trip
2003 Richard Roundtree Boat Trip
2003 Mickey Rooney The Fighting Temptations
2003 Melba Moore The Fighting Temptations
2003 Ed Harris Radio
2003 Alfre Woodard Radio
2003 Debra Winger Radio
2002 Brian Doyle-Murray Snow Dogs
2002 M. Emmet Walsh Snow Dogs
2002 Graham Greene Snow Dogs
2002 James Coburn Snow Dogs
2001 William Fichtner Pearl Harbor
2001 Mako Pearl Harbor
2001 Josh Hartnett Pearl Harbor
2001 Peter Firth Pearl Harbor
2001 Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor
2001 Alec Baldwin Pearl Harbor
2001 Kate Beckinsale Pearl Harbor
2001 Jon Voight Pearl Harbor
2001 Dan Aykroyd Pearl Harbor
2001 Tom Sizemore Pearl Harbor
2001 Jennifer Garner Pearl Harbor
2001 Scott Wilson Pearl Harbor
2001 John Cleese Rat Race
2001 Rowan Atkinson Rat Race
2001 Jon Lovitz Rat Race
2001 Paul Rodriguez Rat Race
2001 Seth Green Rat Race
2001 Dave Thomas Rat Race
2001 Whoopi Goldberg Rat Race
2000 Matthew Modine In the Shadows
2000 James Caan In the Shadows
2000 Charlize Theron Men of Honor
2000 Powers Boothe Men of Honor
2000 David Keith Men of Honor
2000 Lonette McKee Men of Honor
2000 Hal Holbrook Men of Honor
2000 Michael Rapaport Men of Honor
2000 Robert De Niro Men of Honor
1999 David Paymer Chill Factor
1999 Kevin J. O'Connor Chill Factor
1999 Peter Firth Chill Factor
1999 Anthony Hopkins Instinct
1999 George Dzundza Instinct
1999 Maura Tierney Instinct
1999 Donald Sutherland Instinct
1998 Marianne Jean-Baptiste A Murder of Crows
1998 Tom Berenger A Murder of Crows
1998 Eric Stoltz A Murder of Crows
1998 John Travolta Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Will Smith Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Mike Leigh Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Jane Jenkins Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Cameron Crowe Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Ron Shelton Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Dennis Hopper Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Ron Howard Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Nicolas Cage Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Laurence Fishburne Welcome to Hollywood
1998 David Hasselhoff Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Sandra Bullock Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Jada Pinkett Smith Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Jeff Goldblum Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Glenn Close Welcome to Hollywood
1998 Robin Williams What Dreams May Come
1998 Max von Sydow What Dreams May Come
1998 Annabella Sciorra What Dreams May Come
1998 Rosalind Chao What Dreams May Come
1997 Helen Hunt As Good As It Gets
1997 Shirley Knight As Good As It Gets
1997 Harold Ramis As Good As It Gets
1997 Greg Kinnear As Good As It Gets
1997 Jack Nicholson As Good As It Gets
1996 Renée Zellweger Jerry Maguire
1996 Eric Stoltz Jerry Maguire
1996 Tom Cruise Jerry Maguire
1996 Lucy Liu Jerry Maguire
1996 Mike White Jerry Maguire
1996 Jay Mohr Jerry Maguire
1996 Bonnie Hunt Jerry Maguire
1996 Donal Logue Jerry Maguire
1996 Regina King Jerry Maguire
1996 Lamont Johnson Jerry Maguire
1996 Beau Bridges Jerry Maguire
1996 Kelly Preston Jerry Maguire
1995 Jessica Lange Losing Isaiah
1995 Halle Berry Losing Isaiah
1995 David Strathairn Losing Isaiah
1995 Samuel L. Jackson Losing Isaiah
1995 Zakes Mokae Outbreak
1995 Lance Kerwin Outbreak
1995 Rene Russo Outbreak
1995 Patrick Dempsey Outbreak
1995 Donald Sutherland Outbreak
1995 Kevin Spacey Outbreak
1995 Morgan Freeman Outbreak
1995 Dustin Hoffman Outbreak
1995 Joe Don Baker Outbreak
1995 Janet MacLachlan The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 John Lithgow The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Ed Lauter The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Andre Braugher The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Courtney B. Vance The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Laurence Fishburne The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Christopher McDonald The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Rosemary Murphy The Tuskegee Airmen
1994 Lloyd Bridges Blown Away
1994 Jeff Bridges Blown Away
1994 Forest Whitaker Blown Away
1994 Suzy Amis Blown Away
1994 Tommy Lee Jones Blown Away
1994 L.Q. Jones Lightning Jack
1994 Ben Cooper Lightning Jack
1994 Paul Hogan Lightning Jack
1994 Pat Hingle Lightning Jack
1994 Beverly D'Angelo Lightning Jack
1993 Omar Epps Daybreak
1993 Moira Kelly Daybreak
1993 John Cameron Mitchell Daybreak
1993 Phil Hartman Daybreak
1993 John Savage Daybreak
1993 Martha Plimpton Daybreak
1993 Emilio Estevez Judgment Night
1993 Stephen Dorff Judgment Night
1993 Denis Leary Judgment Night
1992 Demi Moore A Few Good Men
1992 Jack Nicholson A Few Good Men
1992 Tom Cruise A Few Good Men
1992 Christopher Guest A Few Good Men
1992 J.T. Walsh A Few Good Men
1992 Jane Jenkins A Few Good Men
1992 Aaron Sorkin A Few Good Men
1992 Kiefer Sutherland A Few Good Men
1992 Kevin Bacon A Few Good Men
1992 Kevin Pollak A Few Good Men
1992 Robert Loggia Gladiator
1992 John Heard Gladiator
1992 Ossie Davis Gladiator
1992 Brian Dennehy Gladiator
1992 Tak Fujimoto Gladiator
1992 Karen Black Hitz
1992 Elliott Gould Hitz
1992 Georg Stanford Brown Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story
1992 Carla Gugino Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story
1992 Vondie Curtis-Hall Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story
1992 Hari (Harry) Rhodes Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story
1991 Nia Long Boyz 'N the Hood
1991 Regina King Boyz 'N the Hood
1991 Ice Cube Boyz 'N the Hood
1991 John Singleton Boyz 'N the Hood
1991 Angela Bassett Boyz 'N the Hood
1991 Laurence Fishburne Boyz 'N the Hood
1989 Lorraine Bracco Sing
1989 George DiCenzo Sing
1989 Louise Lasser Sing
1988 James Earl Jones Coming to America
1988 Samuel L. Jackson Coming to America
1988 Eddie Murphy Coming to America
1988 Madge Sinclair Coming to America
1988 Jim Abrahams Coming to America
1988 Calvin Lockhart Coming to America
1988 Vondie Curtis-Hall Coming to America
1988 Ralph Bellamy Coming to America
1988 John Amos Coming to America
1988 Arsenio Hall Coming to America
1988 Don Ameche Coming to America
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