Crossing Over is Chock Full of Reality

By citizenshipattorney
Written March 01, 2009
This is a very good movie. Immigration attorneys and immigrants deal with the reality of our nation's system on a daily basis. We have a very strong immigration system in the US because of the fact that we are a nation of immigrants and our economy relies on it to succeed. Check out [BLOCKED WEBSITE] to learn a thing or two about the reality of the film.
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Crossing Over

By SirThomas47
Written March 02, 2009
I saw Crossing Over months ago with four intellectual and articulate adults and to a person thought it to be exceptional in all areas including Sean Penn's performance, which unfortunately he seems to have chosen to be an after the payday fact thorn. Immigration that we face hourly in Los Angeles is what Crossing Over depicts... MANY stories within EVERY moment. This is an actuality and I appreciated in Kramer's writing and direction that exposed the problems and at times the pain of choice. Because the LAW READS specifically does not imply that following its dictate is at times anything less than wrong. It exposes another part of life... Cliff Curtis' honest approach to honor of family tradition and contemporary change was touching BUT a BITTER choice to agree with... Yet his pain was splitting hairs and the flipside was his giving or not taking the life of the teenage gangster... I will see the newly edited sans Penn..
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Crossed out

By moviecritic1111
Written April 26, 2009
Kind of a blah movie even with all the star power-Liotta looks and acts really badly. Ford wasn't much better. But if you are a bleeding heart liberal you probably won't care about that and will love this movie-it will give you one more reason to hate America and the "mean" people who try to keep us from total chaos-and feel sympathy for poor, poor immigrants who are here illegally. Personally it reenforced for me many more reasons that people who want to live in USA need to go through the process legally these are only some of the terrible things that can happen
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Crossing Over, Crossed Out!

By alf10022
Written March 03, 2009
The cast and the multiple sub-plots had the making of a pretty good movie, but it never connected. Ultimately, it was long, drawn out, poorly played and quite frnakly a complete bore. I would not recommend this movie to anyone...there was virtually no entertainment value, and trust me, I am an avaid movie goer and will see almost anything regardless of whether the critics like it or not. This was the case in this movie, however the critics were completely correct. Sorry, I adore Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta and this movie did not do these seasoned actors well at all.
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Hard to Find

By largato
Written March 15, 2009
Funny how Mall Cop is all over and this movie is impossible to find. The stupidity of the public never fails me.
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