SoooooooGood! Crooked Arrows

By mmit911
Written September 03, 2015
The movie also touches on the Native American roots of the game, which are very deep and interesting. Most importantly, to me, as I have been a long time critic about how our world has placed our Native American Indians in the background with no attention, I mean, real attention, etc. and this feeling of mine goes back to when I learned from history as to Who Was Here First in America! The Native American Indians! We, our government, seem to have put that aside, care less, and place attention on slavery, thanks to Abraham Lincoln! The Native American Indians were here first, as they greeted us on to American land, and I noted this even in an Irish Novel "Ireland" where they, St. Fitzgerald and his crew wished to visit America, and when they arrived, they were "welcomed" by the Native American Indians to come and make a home here, but he(?) thanked them, saying they just wanted to come and see America. This movie, Crooked Arrows" reopened my vote for them to get honor!
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Crooked Arrows

By globalreach
Written September 03, 2015
This is about growing up and giving back to your people. It's about honor and respect for yourself, others, and the Creator. Joe Logan (Brandon Routh), who has it made in the tangible world, is spiritually lacking. His old world and new world ways do not mesh comfortably. Joe is volun-told to coach the local high school lacrosse team as a part of his spiritual growth and to obtain the tangible things he is after. So, his father (Gil Birmingham) and sister Nadie (Chelsea Ricketts) gather to support his spiritual growth journey. "Grandmother", his spiritual guide, acts subtly and not-so-subtly as his subconscious to help him stay on his path. Grandmother is played by Betty Deer -- she is awesome! Excellent movie for family viewing.
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A Movie For The Home Library!

By roswellmd77
Written June 03, 2012
There is so many things about this film; from the acting to the story line that I can't write it with just the right amount of justice. So to keep it short, watch the film, sit back, enjoy and walk out a Crooked Arrow!
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Crooked Arrows

By gadogs08
Written June 03, 2012
This movie nailed it head on. Its about lacrosse, but more importantly its about its roots. Where it came from and those who played it first. The movie takes you into the culture that lives around lacrosse. I recommend this movie for anyone who plays lacrosse, wants to learn about lacrosse, or is looking for a good sports movie!
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Great Film for the Family. A Legitimate Representation of Field Lacrosse.

By bobbydefreze
Written May 18, 2012
This film is a must see for any lacrosse family or sports family in general. If you or your children play this great game, you will appreciate the attention to detail in all of the lax scenes as well as the fun banter between players and coaches. If you or your family are unfamiliar with the sport, you will be won over by the family friendly humor and intrigued by the speed, grace, and ferocity of the game of lacrosse. A little cheesy, as most sports films tend to be, but the movie is clearly targeting the younger audience. A task in which it succeeds. Most of the actors in the film are actual lacrosse players who were then trained to act, not vice-versa, which really shows through in all of the action sequences. The movie also touches on the Native American roots of the game, which are very deep and interesting. Overall very well done, has that big-time movie look and feel, and was very enjoyable for my friends and I, who are all in our twenties and are not parents, just love lax.
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