Crooked Arrows Synopsis
A Native American lacrosse team faces an uphill battle against its privileged prep-school rivals.
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Boston Globe

By Loren King
The story is unique and engaging enough to transcend the uplifting sports-underdog formula.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
As the team gets in shape, a hot new ringer is brought in and the fallen son redeems himself - and director Steve Rash's movie wins us...
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Crooked Arrows is no "Rocky." It lacks the emotional momentum required for that. But if it's just light, family-friendly entertainment you...
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Slant Magazine

Although it adheres to the tried-and-true sports-movie formula of an underdog team striving to overcome their limitations to become...
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Los Angeles Times

By Gary Goldstein
The result is a well-meaning checklist of a film that lacks sufficient charm or off-the-field vigor to fully score its intended goal.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Predictable from first moment to last, it does at least provide a showcase for lacrosse, a sport heretofore cinematically unexploited.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
The entire film wants to be the retort to an idle comment uttered by a prep school lacrosse mom in the stands: "When did the Indians starts...
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Time Out New York

Though the fallout is utterly predictable, director Steve Rash at least brings an engaging fluidity to the high-energy sports scenes.
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Washington Post

By Michael O'Sullivan
The high-school sports drama Crooked Arrows has two -- but only two -- original selling points: Its protagonists are Native Americans and...
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New York Post

Disliking this film feels churlish, like rooting for the Yankees to crush the Little League champs. But amiability, and the natural...
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SoooooooGood! Crooked Arrows

By mmit911
The movie also touches on the Native American roots of the game, which are very deep and interesting. Most importantly, to me, as I have been a long time critic about how our world has placed our...

Crooked Arrows

By globalreach
This is about growing up and giving back to your people. It's about honor and respect for yourself, others, and the Creator. Joe Logan (Brandon Routh), who has it made in the tangible world, is...

A Movie For The Home Library!

By roswellmd77
There is so many things about this film; from the acting to the story line that I can't write it with just the right amount of justice. So to keep it short, watch the film, sit back, enjoy and...

Crooked Arrows

By gadogs08
This movie nailed it head on. Its about lacrosse, but more importantly its about its roots. Where it came from and those who played it first. The movie takes you into the culture that lives around...

Great Film for the Family. A Legitimate Representation of Field Lacrosse.

By bobbydefreze
This film is a must see for any lacrosse family or sports family in general. If you or your children play this great game, you will appreciate the attention to detail in all of the lax scenes as...

Crooked Arrows

By patches301
Absolutely Awesome! The feathers are a motivator for my team. Looking forward to an awesome NEXT... girls lacrosse season with some Crooked Arrows drills!.....I want the DVD....NOW! :-)...

Crooked Arrow

By skidiebutz
This movie has so much heart. Yes, the theme of a down-and-out team makes good has been used before, but never with the beauty and love in this story. The sense of history, and family in the Native...

Crooked Arrows

By nativemom4
If you love Lacrosse, you will love this movie. You will come out with a better understanding of the history of Creator's Game while cheering for the modern day warriors. I thought the story was very...

Excellent movie for the whole family!

By K imperiale
It isn't often we can go to a family friendly movie, and EVERYONE enjoy it without it being animated! Smart writing makes it enjoyable for teens and adults and all ages love the action! THANK YOU...

Must SEE!

By pcred12
The movie was something I have been wanting to see for awhile, considering I am on the lacrosse team at CSULB. When I saw the movie yesterday it was both moving and inspirational. Cant wait to take...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Suggestive References
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Common Sense Media says Inspiring sports drama about Native Americans, lacrosse.
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