Criminal Synopsis
Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Ryan Reynolds headline this espionage thriller centering on a prisoner who is implanted with a deceased CIA agent's memories in an attempt to thwart a deadly plot.
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By hampie57
Criminal was excellent ! A must see. Full of action, suspense and humor. Lots of twist and turns and unexpected happenings. Costner was very convincing as Jericho/Billy. Tommy Lee Jones played a...

Critics are idiots, this is a great movie

By cindy.learning.sth
Kevin Costner still managed to add depth and complexity to muscularity, Gal Gadot did a decent job and stays beautiful, now I'm officially looking forward to her Wonder Woman...

Gooo Costner !!!

By tbolttwo
Original script and great job by cast...I will see it again... It kept me on the edge of my seat !!!...

By juliannebrockway

Costner did a great job!

By jdbates2094
Great character by Costner. Funny, exciting and a bit of violence. A bad guy evening things out!!...

By dmadams553
Very disappointed in the movie. The language used in this movie was disgusting....


By hamzaa2005

Very UNDER-whelming

By coachboomitchell
Fell way short of what was promised and what I expected! Kevin Costner does do an above average job in his role, but the story is too far fetched, and the writers leave plenty of gaps for the...

By Chucks excellent reviews
Usually side with the critics, NOT THIS TIME. This movie was excellent! They got it wrong, go see and enjoy it....


By canddent
Can't say enough great things about this movie. Costner as a good/bad guy, Oldman as your favorite love to hate him, the real bad guys and the little girl were just sensational. Only issue I took was...

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Rated R | For Language Throughout and Strong Violence.
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Common Sense Media says Brutally violent sci-fi thriller doesn't make much sense.
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