Perfect Date Movie

By joshua_burns27
Written September 05, 2011
Perfect balance of humor and romance with a very Hollywood ending.
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Crazy, Stupid Love

By chefpeg
Written August 01, 2011
I am the biggest fan of chick flicks, but I found this to be a little slow. The story line is your typical chick flick story. The twists and turns of who was with who was interesting. I did not see the need for the "f" word from the daughter, it didn't fit in this movie, because the father and mother never did it . I wished they would just stop doing that, with the vocabulary available why do they need to do that. It ruins a movie for me. I like Ryan Gosling, Steven Carrell, and Marissa Tomei cracks me up. I would probably watch it again. I would say if you like chick flicks you will be happy!
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Best I've seen in months!

By kanelak
Written August 02, 2011
I can't remember the last time a movie made me cry or surprised me...this one did both! The acting was great, the funny was laugh-out-loud and the love story was heartfelt. I always see twists coming, but not this one. It's a must see!
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By kaaittliin
Written July 29, 2011
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Suprisingly Deep and Delightful!

By Benny Foley
Written September 18, 2011
This film proved to be a surprisingly deep and rich story filled with intriguing characters and a great script! The cast gets an A+
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