Great Movie!

By w_huskies
Written December 06, 2009
Has a little something for everyone: a romantic and hilarious comedy with a serious message is lightly sprinkled with some well placed over-the-top "special effects". Great cast and vintage Tim Allen comedy mix together nicely! GO SEE IT!!!
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Crazy On THe Outside

By mosaicwoman
Written December 07, 2009
I got to see the premiere of this show in Seattle along with a 20 minute set of stand-up with Tim Allen.He introduced his movie and then we all settled in with great anticipation. I have to say I was not disappointed! Sigourney played a great older sister ,who tried to protect everyone she loved from being hurt. Grandma was a crack-up, THe husband was a hoot and the two "goons helped make this show really funny. Tim Allen of course kept us all in stitches and there was enough reality for us all to not scream "bullshit" except once in fun! I recommend this movie it will make you laugh and we all need more of that!!
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Crazy on the outside

By mavrik1
Written December 06, 2009
Great Movie.....Tim Allen is really funny. Loved the movie.
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Terrible movie

By ks1180
Written January 15, 2010
Wow, it’s like I saw a different movie than everyone else. It was terrible. There were 4 people in the theater, us being 2 of them, and we actually left after 45 minutes it was so bad. Maybe it got better but I doubt it, and if a movie does take that long to redeem itself it isn’t worth it anyway. Dumb site gags of bobbleheads and figurines raising their eyebrows and grinning while Allen and his girlfriend have sex, awkward dialogue, lame plot, the pirates are released convicts who work in a fast-food restaurant with a pirate theme, and we get treated to them arguing over how to make the food and so on. Yeah, funny. The entire pacing is bad, it lags and isn’t funny. Normally directing shouldn’t be obvious, but here it is because it was so bad and clunky. Just a terrible movie all the way around. Save your money, this is pathetically stupid.
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Crazy on the Outside

By blueestarr
Written September 12, 2010
What a great movie- I appreciated it. Very thoughtful and great performances by all-not to mention great directing from Allen.
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