Surprisingly enjoyable

By H3OIndra
Written September 13, 2010
When Crazy Heart arrived from Netflix, let's just say I was less than enthused. I probablly added it to my queue because it was an award winnder and then just forgot about it until it got sent to me. It wasn't really what I was in the mood for, but having just watched Surrogates the night before I figured what the hell, anything has to be better than that crap. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the award winner held up to the hype and I enjoyed the story. Definitely watch it, you might actually want to actively go out and rent it if you haven't seen it yet.
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Not Worth It

By Shiloh_62
Written May 13, 2010
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Its about a dirty, nasty, sweaty,cowboy that does nothing but drink and throw up. At one point he tells the journalist girlfriend " I want to tel you how bad you make this room look." If anyone makes the room look bad, its this nasty man, not her! You can almost smell the stench of this guy through the screen, its that bad. I woke up at the very end of the movie, and, although I only paid $1.50 to see the movie, I feel like I got ripped off, and needed a refund. Don't bother with this one!
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Crazy Great Acting

By moviemonster
Written January 05, 2010
Jeff Bridges is, hands down, one of our generations greatest actors and his performance in Crazy Heart proves it. Many years ago, Robert Duvall made a film with similar content called Tender Mercies, for which he garnered an Oscar. While Crazy Heart tells a similar story, this does not diminish the tour de force Bridges delivers. Coincidentally, Robert Duvall has an endearing little cameo in Crazy Heart. Another supporting player, Maggie Gyllenhall, offers another wounded woman. No one in Hollywood delivers vulnerability better than Ms. Gyllenhall. If you think she's good in this, catch her in Cheri (sic?) Baby. Don't miss this fabulous ensemble performance.
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Warm story with tough edges & great music!

By saxunltd
Written February 28, 2010
Yes, you should see this if you like music; yes, you should see this if you like Jeff Bridges--one of his best performances, it may be his very best. Then, to see Collin Farrell in a supporting role as a younger New Country superstar. And to see Maggie Gylenhall in a role that reveals both smarts; tenderness; and toughness. Robert Duvall is wonderful, too, as the best friend/bar owner/fishing buddy. Each character is so well-developed; and they all fit into a story that has pain; humor and warmth, blended with a few scary moments: a road accident; the fearsome realities of a hard-drinking lifestyle; a lost child; and a romance that seems to have potential but resolves in the wisest way it could. The photography--some great close-ups that reveal so much; T-Bone Burnett's great songs; a wonderful script with great lines and so many inspired moments...I had a wonderful time!
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Five Word Review

By 530hope
Written June 28, 2010
Great acting music and otherstuff
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