A Honest Evaluation of This Garbage.

By Kyle_Adkins
Written April 29, 2009
I honestly don't know where to begin... We'll start with the plot line.. Oh.. wait. There was none. Guess I'll be skipping this paragraph. Next up we'll move onto the "Action". I honestly think I would have rather watched someone put 2 Million dollars of special effects into playing with sand. It would have been 3x more interesting and probably 2x more action-packed. They even got to a point where they skipped the "Action" and substituted it with cardboard "Godzilla" figurines of themselves and battled in slow motion. I guess hard working actors like Jason needs a day off sometimes, though... Right? As for Jason's performance, He has the acting range of a rock. I've never seen such a vibrant display of nothing. It's almost like he's mean-mugging my soul. I want my money back Jason. I'm going to write my Congressman.
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If you like movies with plots.. don't see this.

By moviesb4tv
Written March 17, 2009
Not big on the whole movie with no plots. The first movie was him running around trying to find a cure. All that happened was he took a lot of drugs and had sex in the middle of the street. The second one is basically going to be the same exact thing as the first one. Painful to watch.
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By pliable
Written May 02, 2009
There are many, many people who simply don't get this movie. Which is hilarious in itself, because there is really nothing to get. The point is to just be as ridiculous and over the top as possible. It's supposed to be a brainless guy movie. And they do exactly that, which is why I give this a Must GO! Go into this movie thinking it's absolutely brainless, and a great comedy, and you will come out greatly satisfied.
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Perfect for action lovers

By tionio07
Written April 18, 2009
I just got done screening this film for tomorrow. I did not see the first one and although there were several references to the first one, I did not feel lost, they provided enough back story throughout the movie (so don't worry if you haven't seen the first one). I love that it didn't try to be too serious (Loved the Godzilla spoof). There is an extreme amount of violence and language and copious nudity, but what else would you expect from an R rated action flick. This is an absolute must see for action fans!
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Crank High Voltage

By maikop
Written April 05, 2009
excellent stunt scenes, interesting plot/story line, not a dull moment - a definite seer
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