Crank High Voltage Synopsis
Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) chases the Chinese mobster who stole his almost indestructible heart.
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A Honest Evaluation of This Garbage.

By Kyle_Adkins
I honestly don't know where to begin... We'll start with the plot line.. Oh.. wait. There was none. Guess I'll be skipping this paragraph. Next up we'll move onto the "Action". I honestly think...

If you like movies with plots.. don't see this.

By moviesb4tv
Not big on the whole movie with no plots. The first movie was him running around trying to find a cure. All that happened was he took a lot of drugs and had sex in the middle of the street. The...


By pliable
There are many, many people who simply don't get this movie. Which is hilarious in itself, because there is really nothing to get. The point is to just be as ridiculous and over the top as possible....

Perfect for action lovers

By tionio07
I just got done screening this film for tomorrow. I did not see the first one and although there were several references to the first one, I did not feel lost, they provided enough back story...

Crank High Voltage

By maikop
excellent stunt scenes, interesting plot/story line, not a dull moment - a definite seer...


This movie was AWESOME! To all the people that don't like action, sex, drugs, rock and roll, nudity, tobacco, swearing, dogs barking, mayonnaise and are just overall PRUDES, I say never see another...

KICK ***!

By cyruss
this movie was awesome! I saw it with my dad and my friend. my dad liked the first one but thought this one was stupid. my friend thought it was stupid but awesome! I thought it was amazing not...

crank high

By universeeye
he still got it and the second one worth seeing...

Dark Comedy at it's Best

What people seemingly fail to realize about this movie as well as the first is that it's a comedy. A dark, bloody, action-filled comedy, but a comedy none-the-less... It's hilarious, and it gets...

Great actor, Great movie

By carlors
Two words describe this movie creative and awesome. This movie is nothing but action, sex and humor, and people this movie is rated R that means it’s for anyone over 18 years of age so people please...

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Rated R | For for frenetic strong bloody violence throughout, crude and graphic sexual content, nudity and pervasive language
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Common Sense Media says Grisly, gory, over-the-top action-parody isn't for kids.
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