Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 30, 2009
Crazy *** sheeck, seriously man
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By dreweatsmovies
Written August 19, 2014
a good action movie that dosnt take itself seriously. thats the premise of crank. always moving, mostly funny. the a.d.d editing is great, and fits with the plot quite well. heck, unless you are trying to critique this movie, youll probally enjoy it.
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By stoneysilence
Written October 12, 2007
Absolutely terrible movie. One of the worst I have ever seen. It was nothing but boobs, swearing, poor looking gore and poor camera work. Virtually no storyline. The one person that is worth seeing naked (Amy Smart) you only see for a millisecond. Plus her character is very dumb. She is in the middle of a firefight, is she worried about being shot? No she is worried about the stuff in her purse and whether she had taken her birth control. She also strolls out of the building to the car as if she was in a park taking a Sunday afternoon stroll.
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this movie was awsome

By subzero1996
Written July 19, 2007
instantly action sense the beginning. this movie was very impresive on how he ceapted his aldeline up through the hole movie I give it a4star movie.
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People dont seem to understand this movie

By jarheadpena
Written February 21, 2009
no one understands that this movie isnt just an action is a dumb, fake, hilarious movie that isnt supposed to be serious. when i saw this movie for the first time i didnt really think much of it either. however the second time i watched it i realized that this movie is supposed to be fake as hell and dumb. please, if u see this movie dont take it seriously. thats not the way that this movie was intended. i have watched the featurettes of this movie and the 2 directors said that it was supposed to be like a corny 80's action movie just modernized. if you at least keep that in mind while u watch it im sure that you will like it a lot more that thinking it is supposed to be serious.
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