Craig R. Baxley

Worked With

Year Name Title
1979 Ben Piazza Nightwing
1979 David Warner Nightwing
1979 Strother Martin Nightwing
1979 Kathryn Harrold Nightwing
1979 Nick Mancuso Nightwing
1979 Deborah Van Valkenburgh The Warriors
1979 Mercedes Ruehl The Warriors
1979 Lynne Thigpen The Warriors
1978 Goldie Hawn Foul Play
1978 Chuck McCann Foul Play
1978 Billy Barty Foul Play
1978 Brian Dennehy Foul Play
1978 Chevy Chase Foul Play
1978 Eugene Roche Foul Play
1978 Burgess Meredith Foul Play
1978 Marc Lawrence Foul Play
1978 Dudley Moore Foul Play
1978 Rachel Roberts Foul Play
1978 Hal Needham Foul Play
1973 Tom Tully Charley Varrick
1973 Don Siegel Charley Varrick
1973 Walter Matthau Charley Varrick
1973 John Vernon Charley Varrick
1973 Bob Steele Charley Varrick
1973 William Schallert Charley Varrick
1973 Norman Fell Charley Varrick
1973 Felicia Farr Charley Varrick
1973 Sheree North Charley Varrick
1973 Andrew Robinson Charley Varrick
1973 Joe Don Baker Charley Varrick
1973 Benson Fong Charley Varrick
1972 Sorrell Booke What's Up, Doc?
1972 Liam Dunn What's Up, Doc?
1972 John Hillerman What's Up, Doc?
1972 Madeline Kahn What's Up, Doc?
1972 Graham Jarvis What's Up, Doc?
1972 Gil Perkins What's Up, Doc?
1972 Barbra Streisand What's Up, Doc?
1972 M. Emmet Walsh What's Up, Doc?
1972 Randy Quaid What's Up, Doc?
1972 Ryan O'Neal What's Up, Doc?
1972 Kenneth Mars What's Up, Doc?
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