Good for what it was

By frogers415
Written July 31, 2011
A high explosive cowboy movie with Aliens.....It was a really fun movie, seemed to have alot of slow parts in it, but the action parts were well done and kept your attention through the movie. Acting was well done no one tried to over do a western accent, Special effects were good to nothing that made you think what the hell were they thinking. Well done movie should go watch it if your a fan of cowboys, aliens and Indians.
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Cowboy Fun!!

By ajallen_02
Written July 31, 2011
If you love Cowboys kicking tail then you will love this movie. I went in with the expectation for a good balance of action and ridiculousness and was not disappointed. Loved every bit of this movie, from the cheesiness to the intense action.
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Intesting mix

By Wolfman191
Written August 01, 2011
Jon Favereu has created an interesting mix of the Sci-Fi/Western. If you are a fan of both genres it's a definite GO!!!
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Cowboys & Aliens

By lilviewed
Written July 31, 2011
Cowboys and Aliens has a little something for everyone, the sci-fi monsters and space ship, a little romance, the aura of the old west with its interesting cowboy characters and indians, a kid, a dog, a beautiful girl and lots of action. I really enjoyed the movie, seeing it on the large screen with the amazing effects and surround sound explosions greatly enhanced the total experience.
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Saddle up and ride

By jenlo2
Written August 02, 2011
I didn'tknow what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. This movie was a good western story - well axted and filmed beautifully. The characters reaction to the aliens and fighting them were very much in character to the time and place which kept the movie believable in a wierd way. I've never been a big Daniel Craig fan but he was my favortie in this movie and has changed my aopinion of him. I'm now looking forward to Dragon Tatoo
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