Your Gonna Carry That Weight...

By Nik Nikam
Written August 27, 2013
This movie is a representation of how great an anime movie can be. It also takes you into the world of Bebop which you can explore more with the 26 episodes of the TV show which in my opinion is the greatest anime ever made. The music by Yoko Kanno & band The Seatbelts just fits in amazingly. I have the whole soundtrack which I will listen to forever. I got a chance to see this movie 10yrs later on the big screen with Steve Blum(English voice of Spike Spiegel). It's such a joy to watch the live audience react to it. Blum has tattooed "Bang" in waveform on his left arm, a dialog from Spike & considers Bebop as a remarkable early step in his giant career of voice acting. It's a must watch classic anime in my book. I cry every time I watch the TV show. The writing is extraordinary. They haven't lost a word or feeling in the translation. I hope the coming generation enjoys & appreciates the beauty of this art. I could endlessly go on but I'll leave it to this...See You Space Cowboys...
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By jthomas787
Written September 10, 2013
See you space cowboy...
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By solidlistener11
Written July 26, 2013
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