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By marleymovie
Written February 24, 2008
Wasn't what I first expected but I was very pleasantly surprised! Go see it!
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Very good movie!

By RobLewis43
Written February 17, 2008
Besides being entertaining, this movie touches on a topic that is critical to communities throughout the country, specifically the African-American community. The "down low" issue (i.e., men sleeping with other men) is an issue that has come to the forefront in recent years and is cited as one of several factors for the increase in HIV infection among African-American women. Some scenes blew me away! I definitely recommend it for both it's entertainment, and most importantly, educational value.
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By 8special
Written February 19, 2008
I think the movie covered a topic that is very rarely spoken about and needs more atttention, men on the "Down Low." It was entertaining and educational as well. I think they could have done a little less of the church aspect of it because it seemed a little over done. I hope the movie gets to reach a wider audience, which could lead to more family and community conversations. All in all, I enjoyed the show.
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By Movie_Counselor
Written February 20, 2008
It was an excellent well-written movie. It touched on every angle of sexuality and mystery. Each actor/actress was perfectly cast for their roles. I really enjoyed the movie. BTW, there wasn't a dry eye in the movie theatre.
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By ajlittlelegacy
Written February 17, 2008
I thought the movie was needed because it focus on a major problem in our society.... being on the "DOWN LOW". I thought it was a little choppy and I wish they gave the little girl more drama to the equation. I thought the religion aspect was a little too much. We got it.... God, faith and so forth. I hope this does well and I would love to see part two.
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