By chrisam1228
Written October 03, 2011
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Courageous is Amazing!

By mandkpub
Written October 22, 2011
My husband and I went to see this movie on opening night and were amazed at how well attended it was; at the content of the movie and how well the movied was acted and produced! It is a must see for everyone. We will buy the dvd when it comes out.We want to show others who may have missed it in the theaters.
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Yes, see it...

By sdski
Written November 05, 2011
If you've watched all the Sherwood Pictures movies, you'll walk out of the theater realizing that they have really graduated toan extremely professional cinema experience...not that the first three movies were bad - it's just that over time, the skill and quality of the work has cotninued to improve. This movie was a great reminder of what's important. Some 'professional' critics have said they should have sugar coated the religious aspects of the movie, but that's the only thing making me a decent father, left to my own devices, I'd be a failure. And with God's help and the encouragement of this movie, hopefully I can be even better.
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Courageous is outstanding

By Aurora13
Written November 20, 2011
Loved this movie. It is powerful, inspirational and life changing. The humor is unexpected and heartfelt. This is the kind of movie that touches hearts and changes lives for the better. A must see for families!
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Great movie,

By yulya2681
Written November 21, 2011
Great movie, Great story line, we need more of these. Acting did leave something more to be desired... getting a little tired of the same guy playing the lead (he's not the best actor in the world by any stretch of the imagination) But overall loved it, must go!
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