By cuddlebumpkin
Written October 25, 2011
My husband and I loved it. We cried and laughed. Loved all the different plots throughout the movie. We are so buying this when it comes out on DVD.
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By stamerica29
Written November 03, 2011
I saw this movie tonight not knowing that it was a christian film. The movie poster is misleading. I had to sit through over two hours of the most boring movie I have ever seen. The acting was horrendous. The script flowed like it was written by a 12 year old who has lived a very sheltered life. Unrealistic. Too preachy without a decent story to compensate for its preachy-ness. I was considering giving my life to Jesus Christ, but after viewing this mess I never want to see anything "christian" again.
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Courageous review

By morgannic
Written October 03, 2011
christian sexist
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Decent Family Film

By bnww
Written October 20, 2011
This is a pretty good film. Although it is faith based, even those who are more spiritual and prefer to have the "direct connect" can find something to relate to in this film. It is a little stereotypical with some characters but overall that can be overlooked because there's plenty in the film for all to learn something meaningful -- and perhaps apply it to making life better with their friends and family.
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awesome movie

By katusha1985
Written October 20, 2011
One of the best movies I have seen. Ok so maybe some of the actors are not the best actors but overall it was a very good movie. The message was strong. Everyone should see this movie, especially fathers. America needed a movie like this.
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