Hilarious!!! ............

By Movie- Lover0018
Written September 29, 2009
I went to the movie premier yesterday and found the movie to be Fun, very funny from beginning to end, had good actors, and left me wanting to see it again when it comes out in Oct. 9!!!
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no comment

By truplaya7272
Written October 09, 2009
Vince is one of my favorite actors and there are also many other great actors in couples retreat but this movie was plain horrible. I read the reviews here on fandango and dont get how people say a movie is sooo bad and now i am doing the same thing because it was just that bad! The only funny parts were in the commercial and in the movie they werent even funny, and the whole plot was soo dumb and pointless halfway through i realized this movie isnt funny at all so mayb it will be a good love story but no just dumb. Trust me if you see the movie and you not with a guy/girl you will walk out feeling very wierd just seeing a movie like that with the same sex. Everyone is my theater couldnt believe how they could take a movie with such potential to be sooo funny and completely ruin it, they didnt even try to make it funny. I wouldnt see it you will leave dissapointed as hell wondering why you didnt listen to the guy on the fandango review.
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Come for the laughs, stay for the therapy

By RandytheMovieFan
Written October 07, 2009
Pleasant fun with some relationship insights that could have more than a few people in the audience looking sideways at their partner. Some of the characters and situations seemed forced or hackneyed, but for the most part reasonably acted and believable, drawing you in a bit more than the typical pure comedy. Pervasive sexual and toilet humor but no actual nudity and didn't notice any foul language at all, which was refreshing. No superlatives, just an okay movie that would make a good rental, especially for a couple experiencing the seven-year itch. P.S. If you are a fan of "A Christmas Story", you may be amused that the movie is directed by the now grown-up Ralphie (Peter Billingsley).
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So-so is perfect description

By TerpsFan72
Written September 27, 2012
With the comedic talent in this movie I sure expected more. A very bland comedy that doesn't hold up well at all in second viewing.
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Funny but...

By Dimez
Written October 20, 2009
PG-13!! Not for teens. This movie "covertly" endorses orgies, excessive alcohol, and dressing half naked as a way to find love. Most teens won't know that the message is to overcome your temptations and move toward what truly matters in life: the future. Teens likely accept the drinking, sleeping with perfect strangers, and downright immoral acts as something that you do while your waiting to decide that you're "ready" to be married. However, for adults the message is simple: your spouse is what you've always wanted in retrospect of who either of you have become or what you've been mislead to believe you've missed in life. An intelligent mature audience will see past the overexaggerated fun of single life and find messages about faithfulness, love, commitment, and that the hardest thing about being married is looking outside yourself. Relationships aren't always this serious so enjoy this movie for the comedy that it is. It is, after all, funny. Christians: allot of cursing and sex.
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