• Released
  • July 23, 2010
  • (Limited)
  • PG , 1 hr 30 min
  • Art House/Foreign

Important movie, but flawed delivery

By askanter
Written July 24, 2010
An incredibly important topic that has been too long ignored. Powerful and scary. The delivery is not done as well as An Inconvenient Truth, and it could do with some re-editing. However, a must see. Don't come away thinking that Islamic Terrorism is the problem. The problem is the 23,000+ nuclear weapons, 95% of the them with the US and Russia. The only thing we can do to ensure the survival of the planet is to abolish all of them. I'm One More for Zero!
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One of the better documentaries in a while

By amandano2
Written July 25, 2010
Countdown To Zero was informative, while entertaining. It kept a good pace and didn't feel long or boring to watch. It also seemed to have good view points from a variety of people, and not only discussed the dangers of nations possessing nuclear weapons, but also offered a solution on how to eliminate them. As far as being informative, it was good at explaining things in depth that almost anyone can understand, without getting bogged down with too many specifics that would confuse the audience or be extra details that don't really lend anything to the story.
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See it

By merlinkhk
Written August 03, 2010
For people like me who grew up in the '50s and remember doing air raid drills, this documentary is a good reminder of the insanity of nuclear war between states. This film adds possibility now of nuclear terrorism. Very unsettling and a spur to motivate renewed popular effort to rid the world of these weapons. This should be a must-see for younger generations, and I would combine with another great documentary, "The Day after Trinity."
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