Two men return home from war to discover that the home front is nearly as grim as what they left behind in this independent drama. Tommy Donahue (Chris Kerson) and D.D. Davis (Will Blagrove) both grew up in the same neighborhood in North Philadelphia and volunteered for the Army, serving tours of duty in Iraq. Drugs and crime have always troubled their community, and now these crises have hit even closer to home. Tommy's father is a mechanic in the local Irish mob, and he went to war rather than become a hired killer for his dad. Upon returning home, Tommy tries to reconnect with the wife he abandoned (Judy Jerome) and the four-year-old daughter he's never met (Maddie Morris Jones), but his father isn't eager to let Tommy go his own way. Meanwhile, D.D.'s older brother, Darnell (Nakia Dillard), has become the head of a violent gang of drug dealers, and has recruited his younger brother, James (Daveed Ramsay), to sell dope. D.D. tries to persuade Darnell to change his ways and James to get out of the game while he can, but rescuing his family and his community is no simple task. Cost of a Soul was the first feature film from writer and director Sean Kirkpatrick. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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